I’m talking about so sick.

Of course I’m wimp anyway, but when I wake up with no voice, a throat that’s full of daggers, and my entire body feels run over… I really don’t feel like doing much.

Never mind the fact that on Mondays I’m a kindergarten teacher to 21 screaming South Korean children who don’t know what the heck I’m saying half the time.

I’m giving it two days to go away or it’s the doctor. Then back on this insanity train.


Day 16 is in the bag. Good ol’ plyo didn’t get me like it normally does…gasp could it be that i’m actually building muscle?

I did my measurements (promise i’ll load them soon) and was discouraged to see that I only lost 1.5 inches. Total…

My weight has been 5 pounds heavier than I wanted, but I know it’s due to muscle building. I have to remember that in month two that’s when the muscle tends to get leaner and lighter. Right now my body is just in shock. 

sigh. I’m hoping i can have similar results like last year! Losing another 12 inches would be grand, just grand! I’m also glad I started insanity a month earlier than I did last year…gives me an extra month to work on my bikini bod. Main goals? Less jiggly thighs and lose the love handles. 

Day 15

Day 15 is in the bag with a whole ‘almost’ hour worth of the Insanity workout. 


Today was Pure Cardio + Cardio Abs.

By the time I was done with Pure Cardio, I was wiped and NOT looking forward to the abs workout. Then I pressed play.

And I remembered how much I actually liked the quick 15 minute workout! I absolutely love working my abs…ever since I was little. 

Today I did notice some pain in my joints. I remember that happening last time as I entered week 3. Hopefully it’ll go away soon. 

Measurements tomorrow!  Crossing my fingers…however I feel like I haven’t lost a thing. :( 

Day 14

My day 14 was Power and Resistance. I still can’t decide if this is my least favorite or plyo. Those Power jumps…I know I’ve mentioned them before…but they’re KILLER!!!!!

 Just remember 99% of these exercise movements have to do with breathing. If you know how to breathe properly it’ll be so much easier!!! That being said, there’s a few more movements that I need to figure out the technicalities to. I was a dancer in college…and I like to break down movements to the smallest thing …just to make sure I’m doing them correctly.  

Two more days until measurement day! I’m a bit nervous…I had a breakdown on Saturday due to the ‘weight’ I’ve gained. I just have to remember it’s water weight due to muscle shock. 

This is something to always remember! Just because you’re gaining lbs while working out doesnt mean you have to stop eating! Make sure you’re getting enough food…it’s probably just your muscles holding the water. Best way to help water weight? Drink a ton and a half bottles of water a day. Drink when you’re not thirsty! 

To all my other Insanity-ees…we can do it!